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Software engineer
Mohamad Choker

JS TypeScript

PHP Laravel

AWS Serverless

Nodejs DynamoDB

System Design


A highly skilled and innovative software engineer who has worked on a wide range of intriguing projects. A cool head and logical approach to problem-solving and an enthusiasm for new and inventive ideas have resulted in a remarkable portfolio of solutions. A skilled communicator with the ability to clearly explain ideas and a focus on client satisfaction.



Backend Software Engineer @ Calo Inc.

Nov 2021 - Present

  • Design and implement low-latency, high-availability and performant APIs for CALO Products.
  • Optimize, refactor and support existing codebase.
  • Support the team with initiatives and ideas on enhancing the backend.
  • Increase test coverage to be at least 70%.
  • Help and mentor new joiners and junior devs.
  • NodeJs - TypeScript - Serverless - AWS lambda
  • DynamoDB - Redis - Open search
  • AWS - Linux - Bitbucket - Git
  • Slack - Jira - Confluence - Miro